This page lists all of the premade mainspace userboxes. Feel free to make your own. If you can't, leave all userbox requests on the talk page.

Userbox policyEdit

This isn't Wikipedia, and we have no intent of starting a userbox war or restricting what can go in it. Since this is a wiki and not a strict encyclopaedia, we follow "netiquette" law, meaning copyrighted images may go in userboxes. We have no image restrictions, except to please try keep the image size limited to no more than 45 pixels in height, and preferably not too much less than that. This is just so that the userboxes fit well (all userboxes should be 50px high).

As for what kind of userboxes you can't make, just use common sense. You obviously aren't allowed to make userboxes containing racism, porn, etc. You can make a userbox saying "X sucks!" as long as X isn't a person or belief, although fictional characters and George W. Bush are exempt from this restriction. Other than that, you can create any userbox you want, from what your favorite sports team is to how much you hate your stupid 8:30am lecture.


To add a pre-made userbox to your user page, merely copy the Code: {{user name_of_box}}

To make a custom userbox, use the special template. The template includes a tutorial.

For questions about the userbox, not answered in the tutorial, please ask here.

Bear in mind that many of these userboxes have optional extra functionality that isn't visible in the displayed ones here. You can find the details of any such additional possibilities on the respective template page for each userbox.


Bureaucrat This user is a bureaucrat
on the Puzzles Wiki
Code: {{user bureaucrat}}   (edit, talk, links)
Admin This user is an admin
on the Puzzles Wiki
Code: {{user admin}}   (edit, talk, links)
Moderator This user is a moderator
on the Puzzles Wiki
Code: {{user mod}}   (edit, talk, links)
Wiki This user has been on Puzzles
since {{{1}}}
Code: {{user join}}   (edit, talk, links)


Elf This user is a WikiElf
Code: {{user wikielf}}   (edit, talk, links)
Fairy This user is a WikiFairy
Code: {{user wikifairy}}   (edit, talk, links)
Gnome This user is a WikiGnome
Code: {{user wikignome}}   (edit, talk, links)
Ogre This user is a WikiOgre
Code: {{user wikiogre}}   (edit, talk, links)
Troll This user is a WikiTroll, and must be treated with extreme caution!
Code: {{user wikitroll}}   (edit, talk, links)

Edit CountEdit

See Special:Editcount to find your numbers.

0 Userboxes's edit count is
Code: {{user ecount}}   (edit, talk, links)

Other Wikis Edit

FFWiki This user also edits
Final Fantasy Wiki
Code: {{user FFWiki}}   (edit, talk, links)
Kingdom Key This user also edits
Kingdom Hearts Wiki
Code: {{user KHWiki}}   (edit, talk, links)
TWEWY wiki editor This user also edits
Code: {{user TWEWYWiki}}   (edit, talk, links)



Male This user is a male
Code: {{user male}}   (edit, talk, links)
Female This user is a female
Code: {{user female}}   (edit, talk, links)


en This user is a native
speaker of English
Code: {{user en}}   (edit, talk, links)
e2nd This user speaks English as a second language, not natively
Code: {{user e2nd}}   (edit, talk, links)
en-0 This user doesn't speak English (or has considerable difficulty)
Code: {{user en0}}   (edit, talk, links)
en-1 This user is able to contribute with a basic level of English
Code: {{user en1}}   (edit, talk, links)
en-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of English
Code: {{user en2}}   (edit, talk, links)
en-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of English
Code: {{user en3}}   (edit, talk, links)
en-4 This user is able to contribute with
a near-native level of English
Code: {{user en4}}   (edit, talk, links)
en-5 This user is able to contribute with
a professional level of English
Code: {{user en5}}   (edit, talk, links)
biling This user is bilingual and can speak two or more languages fluently
Code: {{user biling}}   (edit, talk, links)

Zodiac SignEdit

March 21 – April 19
Aries This user is an Aries
Code: {{user aries}}   (edit, talk, links)
April 20 – May 21
Taurus This user is a Taurus
Code: {{user taurus}}   (edit, talk, links)
May 22 – June 21
Gemini This user is a Gemini
Code: {{user gemini}}   (edit, talk, links)
June 22 – July 23
Cancer This user is a Cancer
Code: {{user cancer}}   (edit, talk, links)
July 24 – August 23
Leo This user is a Leo
Code: {{user leo}}   (edit, talk, links)
August 24 – September 23
Virgo This user is a Virgo
Code: {{user virgo}}   (edit, talk, links)
September 24 – October 23
Libra This user is a Libra
Code: {{user libra}}   (edit, talk, links)
October 24 – November 22
Scorpio This user is a Scorpio
Code: {{user scorpio}}   (edit, talk, links)
November 23 – December 21
Sagittarius This user is a Sagittarius
Code: {{user sagittarius}}   (edit, talk, links)
December 22 – January 20
Capricorn This user is a Capricorn
Code: {{user capricorn}}   (edit, talk, links)
January 21 – February 19
Aquarius This user is an Aquarius
Code: {{user aquarius}}   (edit, talk, links)
February 20 – March 20
Pisces This user is a Pisces
Code: {{user pisces}}   (edit, talk, links)



This user identifies as agnostic
Code: {{user agnostic}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user identifies as atheist
Code: {{user atheist}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user identifies as Buddhist
Code: {{user buddhist}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user identifies as Christian
Code: {{user christian}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user identifies as Hindu
Code: {{user hindu}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user identifies as Humanist
Code: {{user humanist}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user identifies as Jewish
Code: {{user jew}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user identifies as Muslim
Code: {{user muslim}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user identifies
as a Pastafarian
Code: {{user pastafarian}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user prefers not to disclose their religious beliefs (or lack thereof)
Code: {{user undisclosed}}   (edit, talk, links)


User aspie This user has Aspergers Syndrome
Code: {{user aspie}}   (edit, talk, links)


UKflag This user lives in
the United Kingdom
Code: {{user UK}}   (edit, talk, links)
USflag This user lives in
the United States
Code: {{user USA}}   (edit, talk, links)
Australiaflag This user lives
in Australia
Code: {{user aussie}}   (edit, talk, links)
Canadaflag This user lives
in Canada
Code: {{user canada}}   (edit, talk, links)


Rubik's Cube This user's record time for solving
a Rubik's Cube is {{{1}}}
Code: {{user cube}}   (edit, talk, links)